Vases of Flowers



It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m looking forward a week of last-minute preparations for our yearly ONLINE SUMMER ART CAMP, which begins in just over a week!

I so look forward to sharing 18 different creativity & drawing exercises with you! Plus you will get access to 7 more classes for just one reasonable price; payment plans are available. And save $20 with the early bird discount if you sign up by July 28th!

The teachers this year are the wonderful Lynn Whipple, Fred Lisaius, Karine Swenson, Diane Culhane, Steve Sonheim, Niya Christine, Rickie Wolfe and Stephanie Hargrave! We will draw, paint, spray, twirl, twist, glue, rub, write, and click! Join us HERE.

* * *
Our 11-year-old niece is visiting us this weekend from Colorado and asked if we had a wood-burning tool. I didn’t, but I’ve wanted one. So $9.95 later and I have a new art tool to add to the studio! The above flowers created with watercolor, markers, and “burning.”

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!



Trashy Birds

trashybirdy1 trashybirdy2 trashybirdy3

There aren’t too many scraps of paper that make it into a “recycle bin,” but instead end up the “collage drawers.”

A few weeks ago I strung some scraps on some thread to create these little Trashy Birds, which are now hanging behind my desk in my studio.

They’re easy to make… take scraps of paper, make a bird head and body, cut some scraps large enough for wings and tails, and then just thread them up and tie off.

Have a fun week everyone!

Registration OPEN for “Summer Art Camp 2014″


Hello! Welcome to our 4th “Summer Art Camp!”

I’m so excited about this year. We’ve gathered eight artist teachers from all over the country, each sharing his or her unique techniques, projects and inspiration in painting, drawing, photography, collage, and story. Each teacher will teach a short “mini-class” within the longer, three-week camp.

In addition, I will be hosting each day, working alongside you and giving you daily warm-up drawing and creativity exercises based on my book, “The Art of Silliness.”

We are excited to bring this group of classes and teachers to you, and our goal with this year’s Summer Camp (and always!) is to help develop the creative side of you that is so important in all of our lives.

Plus, we get to do it all together! Join us!

- – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – -

“The Art of Silliness” Summer Art Camp
3 Weeks of Classes (July 28 – August 17, 2014)
8 Instructors Teaching 7 Classes • Plus “The Art of Silliness” each day

COST: $195 for the whole shebang! $175 early bird signup (sign up by July 28th)


You will enjoy these 8 mini-classes during the 2014 Summer Camp! For more detailed descriptions, go HERE!

“Summer Watercolors” with Fred Lisaius
“Surface Design & Paint” with Lynn Whipple
“Paint a Monster” with Karine Swenson
“Birds of a Feather” with Diane Culhane
“Photo Scavenger Hunt” with Steve Sonheim
“Cows & Canaries” with Niya Christine
“Collaborative Collage” with Rickie Wolfe & Stephanie Hargrave
“The Art of Silliness” with Carla Sonheim
- – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – - - – - – -

Please head over to my website for all the details and to sign up! Remember, $175 early bird signup (sign up by July 28th)! I hope to see you soon online.

“One More Bird Before I Go”

Oil on paper.

Hello and Happy Tuesday! My available painting hours are numbered this month, as later today we open registration for our yearly “Summer Art Camp,” and Lynn Whipple’s collage class is in full swing. So here’s one I worked on last night, a “goodbye” gift to myself for a month. ;)

Here’s a detail… luminous oil!

Have a wonderful day!

Happy 6th!

Greetings from the studio! I spent some time last night messing around with oils… I’m hooked, I think. They definitely fit my personality, as they stay wet longer and “feel good” to me when laying down the paint.

And painting these really calmed me down. I started out all tied up in knots and went to bed a happy woman.

What better testimony for painting and being creative is that? (The world needs happier people.)

Here’s a detail, and you can click the birds to see larger versions as well.

Happy 6th of July!

Scraper! Dot-Dot-Dot!



Wes, Matisse & I spent the day packaging up these awesome gifts from Lynn Whipple to send to those who signed up for “The Joy of Collage” online class beginning July 7th. Hurry and sign up if you would like to receive one, too! :D

(Today’s the last day to order to be sure you’ll get Lynn’s favorite scraper and “dot-dot-dot” tool before class begins!)

Class details:


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