Kids Art Week 2016 – FREE!

“Kids Art Week” FREE!
with Carla Sonheim
One-Week Class; 5 Video Lessons

Class Dates: July 25-29, 2016
Click HERE for more information and to sign up!

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Carla Sonheim, author of “Drawing Lab,” would like to invite you and your kids to join us for a week of creativity and fun. All you need are some basic art supplies and less than an hour a day!

… and, it’s FREE!


Class Itinerary

Lesson 1: Paul Klee Name Paintings (Crayon & Watercolor)
Lesson 2Dubuffet Figures (Crayon & Watercolor)
Lesson 3Motherwell Paper Bag Collages (Collage)
Lesson 4Hundertwasser Houses (Markers)
Lesson 5: Picasso Dogs (Collage & Crayon)

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Sample images:






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Supplies Needed:

Tempera or acrylic paint, markers, crayons, watercolors, pencils, brown paper bag, watercolor paper (or other stiff paper), imagination and sense of fun!

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It’s Free! Sign your kids up today!


Click HERE for more info and to sign up.

In-Person Workshop in Mexico Open for Registration

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 9.58.07 AM teacherad2


Lynn Whipple and I are teaching in San Miguel, Mexico in February 2017!

!Fiesta Flores! A Week in Flowers
February 17-25, 2017

The workshop is presented by Kathie Vezzani of Bellissima Art Escapes. Kathie creates well-rounded, pampered experiences, including finding the BEST restaurants and food, walking tours of the area, artist visits, and even cooking classes!

But the main event is five full painting days… and FLOWERS! I will be teaching many of my “Flower Crazy” techniques and Lynn will be teaching “Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting,” one of our most popular online classes to date. (I’m so looking forward to painting alongside Lynn too!)

If an event like this interests you, please click HERE for more information.

Thank you, Kathie, for having us again!


Fairy Tale Summer


Hi Everyone!

Fairy Tale Summer — our last class of the summer* — begins this coming Tuesday, June 21!

We are re-running an edited version of the year-long class from 2014, “Year of the Fairy Tale.” Assignments will be modified slightly for the summer session for a “doable” class, but you will have forever access so you can revisit the lessons anytime (and do the full assignments if desired). This is the last time this course will run live.

Class dates are June 21 – August 11, 2016; we will illustrate 8 fairy tales, one each week; each fairy tale includes both a drawing assignment (Tuesdays) and a mixed-media assignment (Thursdays).

Just $149. Click HERE for details and to sign up!

P.S. Previous “year of” participants can join again at no additional cost… email me to get on the list: carla [at] carlasonheim [dot] com.

* except Kids Art Week, July 2016 

Teacher Update: Stephanie Hargrave & Alison O’Donoghue

Hi everyone!

Every few months I ask our teachers what is new in their worlds… here are updates from Stephanie Hargrave and Alison O’Donoghue!




Stephanie writes:

I’ve been the artist in residence at Einstein Middle School since March working on a 40 foot collaborative encaustic piece that will be installed as a permanent piece in the school in July. The project is entitled Biology & Botany, and will have the work of over 50 middle school students embedded into the wax.  It was made possible by a grant from the Shoreline / Lake Forest Park Arts Council Artist in Schools Award, and an award from the Shoreline School District with materials purchased by the Einstein Middle School PTA.
Shows coming up:
Pratt Window in the TK Building, June, Seattle
Confluence Gallery, Group Show, Twisp
Shift Gallery, Group Show, August, Seattle

A photo from the school project:


And some recent encaustic paintings by Stephanie:

organella 8

rabbet 1

capra hircus 6

Stephanie’s Online Classes (available now as self-study classes):
Intro to Encaustic Painting – $125
Creating a Modular Encaustic Painting – $85



Alison writes:
News with me is that I am busy painting and drawing and will be showing in the following art Festivals this year.
Salem Art Fair July 15-17th Salem, Oregon
Bellevue Art Fair July 29-31 Bellevue, Washington
Art in the Pearl September 3-5 Portland, Oregon
Along with I have been painting in acrylic I have been exploring ink and watercolor drawings. I am attaching images of new paintings and drawings.
I look forward to teaching another online class as well!
jinx 1 ()
Alison’s class (available as a self-study):
Birds on Birds in Acrylic Painting – $85


Thank you, Stephanie and Alison!

Teacher Update: Diane Culhane & Karine Swenson

Hi everyone!

Every few months I ask our teachers what is new in their worlds… here are updates from Diane Culhane and Karine Swenson!




Diane writes: I’ve been working on 10 wood panels 38″x38″,  all going at the same time. Yes, all 10. With nothing else but focus on exploration work. I’ve always wanted to do this. I am spending time thinking backwards on my painting processes digging around and have found great good discoveries to share with you.  But first,  check out the wall –  can you see the addition ? I am very happy to have put in a ‘hard wall’  which has three 4’x8’x3/4″ birch wood panels and trim added at the bottom. This ‘hard wall’ can now hold up larger pieces of art work,  the studio dry wall wasn’t study strong enough. I feel so much like a real painter now- small changes are big in the way they influence the work.


Teaching Schedule:

*My Children’s Fine Art School “Go Go with Van Gogh”Art Camps are full for summer 2016 – Yeah! I love having the full week to do art projects and be outside. Bike riding of course to work every day makes the summer really fun for me as well. This is my 24th year of summers with kids, an honor to be with them and watch them create. 

* Workshop ‘Paint Your Story’ August 11-14, 2016  at Carlton College in Northfield Minnesota. It is presented by Midwest Art & Lettering Retreat. If you would like to join us there is more information on my website under the teaching tab.  

*Mentoring ‘One to One’ is one of my favorite ways of teaching if anyone is interested let me know- getting right into it and what you need for your creative vision.

Diane’s Online Classes (all available now as self-study classes):
Between Speech & Silence – $45
Table Top: Drawing & Painting – $85
Paint Your Garden – $85
Doings of a Do-o-dle – $85
For the Love of a Tree – $85



Karine writes:
I have recently been one of two artists written about in Palm Springs Life! Here is the article.
And I was the featured artist in February at JTE Gallery in Joshua Tree with the toy paintings, and this article was published about me in the local paper in February. I was also interviewed recently by a writer for the LA Times. He is writing an article about people who are inspired by Joshua Tree National Park. I have no idea when (if) that article will be printed.😀
“In the Shadows.” Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30 inches
“Some Ears are Bigger than Others.” Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36 inches.
Karine’s classes (all available as self-studies):
Intro to Abstract Painting – $85
Elements: Building Blocks of Painting – $165


Next: Updates from Stephanie Hargrave and Alison O’Donoghue!

Teacher News: Lynn Whipple, Cat Bennett & Krista Peel

Hi everyone!

Every few months I ask our teachers what is new in their worlds… here are updates from Lynn Whipple, Cat Bennett, and Krista Peel (all of whom have classes running or about to run right now!).





Lynn’s painting “Wild Fresh Flowers” was chosen as the 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Poster! This is truly an honor, and well-deserved, too… her recent series of flower pot paintings are truly abundantly joyous!

If you are in Denver, Co July 2,3,4 please stop by booth 153 and say hello to Lynn!

Congratulations, Lynn!

Lynn’s classes:
Wordplay Painting – $85, two-week repeat class beginning next Tuesday (5/31/16)!
Big Bold Bloom Wild Paining! – $165, now available as a self-study class
The Joy of Collage – $85, now available as a self-study class
The Joy of Mixed-Media Assemblage – $85, now available as a self-study class
Scissors, Paper, Rock – $25, now available as a self-study class.



Cat writes:
“I’ll be working in the studio all summer! In September, I’m having a show at The Arsenal Center for the Arts here in Watertown, MA with my friend Maggie Stern. This is where I teach and have my studio so it will be a lot of fun. I’ll be showing a new series of 33rpm “vinyl” records (made of wood) from my “Sun Records” series in which I try to convey some positive messages in the song lyrics which I write on the black “vinyl.” I’m also doing a series of 45’s.
Chester Vance
“After that I’ll be having a show in my studio and showing some new small Tantra Homage
paintings. In Indian Tantra painting, the art is meant to bring us closer to the sublime.
Last summer I used the basic structure of the Indian abstract Tantra paintings and
made a small meditative painting each morning. They were entirely unplanned but
really nice to do. I will do the same again this summer and it will be interesting to
see how they change.”
Tantra Group
Yay, Cat!
Cat’s classes:
Sketchbooks: Making Art a Practice – $85, now available as a self-study class
Making Art a Practice: In and Out of the Sketchbook – $125 (just finishing its live session, but available as a self-study now, too!)




AmazingBookKP - Blue Purple page

Krista writes:
–My ombre necklaces currently featured in Jewelry Stringing Magazine – Summer 2016 edition, and also the cover of March 2015 Bead Style Magazine – YAY! Necklaces!
–I’m working on a new children’s book about amazing things on this planet, and this is an original watercolor spread from it. These are things that are Blue and Purple (see photo attached)

–And we’re gearing up to start building our own home from the ground beneath our feet. The technique is called Earth Bag Building and we’re excited to design, plan and conjure up a durable, beautiful, artfully organic home from earth.

Thanks, Krista!

Krista’s classes:

NEW! Art Heist – $85, two-week class begins June 7, 2016
Using Vibrant Color – $35, now available as a self-study class


Next: Updates from Diane Culhane, Karine Swenson, Stephanie Hargrave and Alison O’Donoghue!

Easy Tombow® Rabbits – Free Tutorial

Enjoy these very EASY Tombow@ rabbits… fast and fun, they make great cards! Upload your creations to our Facebook Group page:

Have fun!



Supplies Needed

— black Tombow® N15 marker (or any water soluble marker)
— watercolor paper (or greeting card kit)
— #12 round watercolor brush (or similar)
— black permanent pen (like a Micron .05)







And here is one done with inexpensive Crayola markers:


Registration OPEN for “Art Heist” Online Class

Art Heist: A Twist on the Traditional Master Copy from Carla Sonheim Presents on Vimeo.

Art Heist: A Twist on the Traditional Master Copy
Instructor: Krista Peel Starer
2-week, 4-lesson class, mixed-media • $65
Class Dates: June 7 – 17, 2016


In this class we’ll steal from and re-create the works of four of our favorite artists. (As Picasso says: “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”)

An enormous part of making art is absorbing and converting what others have created into your own work.  In this class we’ll steal from and re-create the works of our favorite artists. Along the way, we’ll begin to understand their processes and personal mark making, even in profound ways, like looking through their eyes.  We’ll discuss how our favorite artists have made their work; the tricks they’ve used, the shortcuts they’ve taken, and how they developed a personal art language.

The goal is to come away with some new information — information you can use to go out and do the thing we are especially suited for; recording ourselves and our world.

Here is the breakdown: I’ll choose a few of my favorite works of art to re-create and you’ll do the same. The first theft will be in cut paper assemblage, the second and third in watercolor and the fourth using acrylic. During this caper, we’ll all be sharing our favorite treasures and introducing each other to gems of new artists.

We all make art differently, from the beginner to the master. In re-creating our favorite artists’ work, we can lift some great ideas and make off with a wealth of knowledge. Are you in?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Class Itinerary:

Week 1

Lesson 1: Stealing for Beginners, Starting in Cut Paper
You will choose a favorite piece of artwork that has a part or detail you’d like to focus on. Working from your chosen source material, you’ll zoom in and develop a cut paper collage with the elements you love from that piece.

Cut paper collage inspired by Brazilian Illustrator Beatriz Milhazes 


Lesson 2: Grabbing the Whole Treasure, a Landscape Caper in Watercolor
You will work from another favorite piece; this time — a landscape. Using an easy watercolor technique, you will lift the whole piece, edge to edge. And during this process, you will personalize it and find more idea treasures to sneak away with.

“Luna in the Meadow” in the style of Illustrator Mary Blair


Week 2
Lesson 3: Advanced Theft, Image Stealing Techniques from the Masters
This is where we get highly secret, and show you the tricks that have been hidden among artists for centuries. (You may need to take the class to find out more . . . (HOMEWORK – watch BBC special David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge)


Watercolor copy of Alex Katz‘ 1969 painting, Vincent and Tony


Lesson 4: Absconded Sculpture, 3D Taken to 2D in Acrylics
During our final grab, you will use a photograph of a favorite sculpture and transform it into an acrylic painting. You will make off with multiple ideas, including an acrylic technique called faux bois. Now it’s time to make our getaway!


3D to 2D: Acrylic painting inspired by the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth

NOTE: You will choose artists that YOU love to work from… the artists here are Krista’s picks.😀



For more information, click HERE!


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BONUS — Words Stolen (about stealing!)

“Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is nonexistent.” — Jim Jarmusch

“The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from.” — David Bowie

“I love art, I love being thrilled by art, and I love folding these thrills into my own practice. I love stealing….I absolutely believe my best work lies ahead of me, and lies in the work I’m absolutely on fire to steal from.” — Tom Hart

“A good composer does not imitate; he steals.” — Igor Stravinsky

“Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing” — Salvador Dali

“What is originality? Undetected plagiarism.” — William Ralph Inge

“What to copy is a little bit trickier. Don’t just steal the style, steal the thinking behind the style. You don’t want to look like your heroes, you want to see like your heroes.” — Austin Kleon, from his book, Steal Like an Artist.


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