Three Things!


1. Intro to Encaustic Painting – Repeat class begins Tuesday, October 18th! With 12 lessons over 4 weeks, this is a great class for anyone who would like to paint with wax. (Above is a little tester I tried out at instructor Stephanie Hargrave’s studio awhile back… wax is so totally fun to work with!) Please join us (and if you have previously purchased “Intro to Encaustic Painting,” you can join the live class at no additional cost).


2. You might remember that I recently took a wonderful painting workshop with Emily Ball. Emily and a team of tutors teach super enticing in-person workshops at the Seawhite Studio in West Sussex, UK.

And you can WIN a class! Emily writes, “Who is your favourite Mixed Media artist? Tell us and you could be in with a chance of winning a place on Paper and Fabric, a 2 day short course at the Seawhite Studio, taking place on 27-28 February 2017 and tutored by the brilliant Helen Turner.”

HERE is the Facebook link where you can enter to win… hurray, I think there is only a few days left!


3. Finally, I wanted to share that artist Katherine Dunn (a wonderful illustrator and storyteller) has a new kickstarter project that looks wonderful. Katherine writes:

“Itty Bitty & Big Etta” is a love story, and a tale of acceptance, starring a 1# kitten…with wings. She reminds us all that no matter the consequences, we must be true to our core and spirit. What a great role model she is for all of us, no mater what our age. Fully illustrated by Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm [author of three other books], you can see an animated video about the book at the  Kickstarter campaign page which is now underway at

I ordered a copy and can’t wait to receive mine!


Two NEW Classes with Dar Hosta James!

Paper Love: Two Classes!

Hand-Painted Paper
1-Week Class
3 Lessons; $35
Class Dates: November 1-4, 2016

Cut Paper Collage
2-Week Class
6 Lessons; $85
Class Dates: November 8-18, 2016


Class #1: Hand-Painted Paper

Create a rainbow of your very own hand-painted papers! Join collage artist Dar Hosta James for a playful exploration of color, pattern and texture using a variety of techniques to produce beautiful, decorative papers that can be used in cut-paper collage as well as other projects that call for special, decorative paper. We will experiment with layers of paint using found objects, spattering, dripping and more as we work in color families. You will paint on Yasutomo Kozo paper and finish with a collection of at least 20 sheets of gorgeous—and very personal— pieces of hand-painted paper, as well as a toolbox full of paper-painting techniques to mix and match.



Class #2: Cut Paper Collage

Shapes, shapes, shapes! The whole world is made up of simple but beautiful shapes! In this six-lesson course, participants will use their personal stash of collage papers (or, for those of those who took “Hand-Painted Paper,” their newly finished collection) to create a variety of playful collage compositions including buildings and architecture, floral, botanical, insect and animal. Learn Dar’s favorite and unexpected adhesive technique, which allows you to bring detail and delicacy into your cut paper work, as well as her final, detail technique which will literally “light up” your collage!

Go to the website for more details! Click HERE.

Some samples!
The first class begins November 1st… I hope you can Join us!

Registration OPEN for “Intro to Encaustic Painting”

I’m excited to let you know that Stephanie Hargrave is repeating her excellent “Intro to Encaustic Painting” online class starting Tuesday, October 18th!


Intro to Encaustic Painting
Instructor: Stephanie Hargrave
4-week, 12-lesson class • $125
Encaustic Painting

REPEAT SESSION! Class Dates: October 18 – November 11, 2016
Note: If you have previously signed up for this class, you are welcome to join in at no additional cost. Email me to get on the list! — Carla


Encaustic painting is using melted and pigmented beeswax to create exciting, luminous paintings. If you have ever been curious about encaustics, you’re in for a treat! This 12-lesson online workshop covers a brief history of this ancient medium, what equipment is needed, setting up your work space, mixing colors, adding other media like paper and thread, safety… everything you need to know to start making your own encaustic paintings.

Olivia I 

Blood Flowers 2

Capra Hircus




Class Itinerary

Week 1:
   Tuesday: Set-up and Safety
   Wednesday: Brief History and Fusing Clear Wax
   Friday: Adding One Color

Week 2: 
   Tuesday: Working with Opaque Colors
   Wednesday: Working with Transparent Colors
   Friday: Mixing Colors

Week 3:
   Tuesday: Burnishing Tissue Paper
   Wednesday: Japanese Paper with Drawings
   Friday: Charcoal Transfer

Week 4:
   Tuesday: Carving and Inlaying Line
   Wednesday: Thread and Linen Paper
   Friday: Finishing/Polishing your Paintings

For more information and to sign up, click HERE!



“Big Bold Bloom 2” with Lynn Whipple is OPEN for Registration!


Big Bold Bloom 2!
A 5-Week Class with Lynn Whipple
10 Lessons
Class Dates: October 4 – November 3, 2016

(Click HERE for details and to sign up, or read on!)



More Painting!! More Drawing!! More Flowers!!
New Layers! New Techniques! New Tools!

And most importantly, new ways to celebrate
your enormous and brilliant instincts!

Tune into your personal preferences and enjoy creative play as you create a series of Big Bold Blooms! You will create Big paintings! Medium paintings! Small paintings! And tiny sketchbook drawings, too!

We will work with the simple wonders of line, shape and mark, and add to the mix the joys of color, texture and composition. We will start with tiny seed drawings which will help inform all of our future designs. Then we’ll play with acrylic paint and colorful mark-making tools such as chalk pastels, markers & even colored pencils. We will also work with collage and bring all these layers together to create our final, loose, bold painting!

If you have taken Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting, this is the perfect follow up class… I can’t wait to continue the journey with you!

If you are new, this is a great stand-alone class that will encourage you to work with loads of fun and freedom as you celebrate your instincts and create Big Bold Blooms!

Let’s explore painting and the power of play! I hope you will join me and our wonderful online Bloom community🙂

All my very best,


For a list of supplies needed, click HERE.


Class Itinerary:

Week 1
Lesson 1 – Seed Drawings: Tiny Flowers, Big Designs
There is something exciting about playing with design early in the painting process — at this stage everything is possible! We will warm up our hands and minds in our sketchbooks and create lyrical line drawings. Let’s build small maps of large paintings and keep it loose and free! We will draw fresh flowers from life and add a little music to keep us in the moment. We will design in square and rectangle formats and take special notice of our dark values, putting them in boldly to create structures for our future paintings.

Lesson 2 – Beginning Blooms: Layering Line, Collage & Color
Choose your favorite seed drawings from Lesson 1 and let’s play a new layering game! Using tissue paper, we will start our design structure by first putting down our dark shapes, with tissue, on a 12″ x 12″ and a 11″ x 14″ canvas. We will collage and build from the ground up, using great shapes, great darks and great design. The next step is a drawing layer on rice paper and then we will continue to add layers of color, paper, line and paint as the Beginning Blooms come into focus!

bbb2p    bbb2c


Week 2
Lesson 3 –  Chalk Flowers
I am excited to share with you another new technique that marries our soft pastel drawing with paint. We begin by toning two smaller canvases with two different ground colors and perhaps a bit of spattering. We will softly carve out simple pots of blooms with a dry brush, creating one large shape. When the paint is dry we draw with chalk pastels and other markers and tools. Our next layer will help us create a “quieting visual noise” which will take down the vibrancy of the color. This is a lovely way to combine drawing and painting with a poetic, new twist!

Lesson 4 – Chalk Flowers cont.
As we continue to layer and draw, add paint and soften, we will start to see our Chalk Flowers emerge. Using darker colored pastels now, pencil, colored pencil and charcoal, let’s begin to find a finish by squinting and finding the perfect place for the darks. You might refer to your seed drawings here, and bring in an area of focus. Continue to “rock” the painting back and forth until the perfect balance speaks to you.



Week 3
Lesson 5 – Bigger and Bolder! New Layers!!
Let’s start one of each of our larger canvases: a 24″ x 24″ and a “24 x 30”. Tone one canvas in the warm orange tones and one in the greenish tones. We will do a “spin composition” step… a wonderful way to not only to keep your hands moving, but to create an abstracted patterned layer. Move the wet paint with the brayer as you paint neutral tones into the shapes. Be sure to leave a bit of your first layer peeking through! Let your painting breathe. Next we will add drawing!! Away we go!!

Lesson 6 – Bigger and Bolder! New Layers cont!
As you continue, there is always time to risks and try something new because —as you know — it’s only a layer! Spin the canvas and look for a great place to plant your large pot of blooms. Draw in loose and free with chalk pastel using lots of color. Music up! Add thin layers of light colored paint, as you cut in around your large shape. Create visual noise by moving the paint with your brayer. Spatter! Build your larger blooms! Draw on top! Add darks! Create shadow! Add highlights! Have fun!!



Week 4
Lesson 7- Big Bold Blooms!
This week you will begin two more larger canvases. We’ll start with spin drawings — one of most satisfying layers I know; spin drawings keep us looking and freely drawing flowers, loose and fast, with and eye on composition and shape making. The pattern you create will give you an amazing place to add your next layer of neutral colors. Let the ground layer show through! Music up! Play! Spin! Draw! Repeat! Paint!

Lesson 8- Painting Blooms – One form, one flower at a time
It’s time to sling some paint! Using your vibrant colors now. Paint your flowers with big, bold movements. This is a time to with play with your brushstrokes. Try and touch the canvas with a different angle of the brush every time you touch it! Celebrate one flower at a time. Look carefully and let the light source tell you what side is bright and which is in shadow. This will inform your colors which will help create your forms. Fill your canvas with colorful blooms, spatter, drip, put in darks.. have fun!



Week 5
Lesson 9 – Painting Blooms, Big and Bold, your beautiful instincts leading the way!
Yes!!! You have gathered so many wonderful preferences! Do you prefer vertical or horizontal? Muted or bright colors? The first step is to look through your drawings and paintings and create a new design to turn into an 11″ x 14″ tissue paper collage “map.” This will help guide you as you scale it up to our largest painting, 36″ x 48″! Now it’s time for loose ground color and some spatter. With larger pieces of tissue paper, put down your large collage pieces and see your design come to life!

Lesson 10 – Painting Blooms, Big and Bold, your beautiful instincts lead the way!
Music up! DRAW! Start by using your pastels and drawing on top of your collage, change the flower shapes, go over the lines. PAINT! As you practiced in Lesson 8, paint in big, loose flower forms, with drips and spatters and light and shadow side. When the paint is a little bit dry, use the brayer. Have fun as you use a favorite color to paint and “cut in” loosely around your arrangement. Keep rocking the painting back and forth, brayer, drawing, paint, spatter, pencil, markers and even the dot dot dot! When you think you’re done, back up, have a cup of coffee or some chocolate and let your painting tell you what it needs to take it to a beautiful finish.

What previous Big Bold Bloom Students are saying!

“From the bottom of my heart, YOU, dear Lynn, are just the best art teacher I’ve ever had. You challenged my senses and encouraged me to play and have fun; something I’ve forgotten to do. Now surrounded by the many blooms in my paintings, I’m dancing, feeling the joy of being free, and waiting for the next adventure with you. Thank You!” — Tina

“Life changer for me. Finally took the leap to set myself up and be painting again!! And painting large flowers…always my dream! Looking forward to how this evolves.  Thank you for everything, Lynn and amazing, kind and hugely talented artists!!” — Cindy

“Lynn, THANK YOU! This has been such a great workshop (I refer to you, the content and the other members of the class). Really, this ranks as one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken and I’m soooo grateful!” — Stacey

“Hi Lynn, Finally I have finished my first BIG and BOLD. It really was a labor of love LOL and your wonderful lessons carried me to the end with big smiles on my face!! Love your teaching style and encouragement. I have never attempted anything this big before and now I can’t wait to start another. Thank you so much for helping me through my fear of the BIG blank canvas!!” — Sharon


To sign up, click HERE!

Portugal Painting


I want to share with you some sketches/paintings I worked on in Portugal last week. (Each year I try to attend one workshop, and this year was able to learn from British painter Emily Ball!)

The following images are variations on a single theme… our goal in general was to interpret the Portuguese landscape abstractly… and one of my goals in particular was to work on composition and economy of mark.







portugal3There is more to share and I will try to do that soon!

Registration NOW OPEN for Alison O’Donoghue’s New Class!

Bottles, Bananas & Beyond!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bottles, Bananas, & Beyond!
with Alison O’Donoghue
Three-Week Class; 6 Video Lessons

Class Dates: September 20 – October 6, 2016


Bottles. Bugs. Bananas. Dogs.
Cats. Fruits. Teapots. Logs.
Books. Cows. Horses. Flowers.
Couches. Pennies. Clocks & Showers!

(If you are a “more is more” kind of person, this is truly the class for you!)

Alison will share her unique acrylic painting techniques for creating a stacked, interactive, and harmonious world within the bounds of a 14″x14″ canvas. Alison loves painting on super smooth surfaces, so the class will begin early with a “bonus” lesson on how to smooth a canvas using levening gel.

The first exercises are designed to help you find your “go-to” imagery and begin the process of creating patterns with simple shapes: people, animals and objects.

Next you will build layers of acrylic paint (a black layer, the white imagery, then color washes and light highlights), and finish with Alison’s method of varnishing her paintings for a beautiful finish.


In this class you will:

• Make a canvas smooth
• Create a visual vocabulary
• Explore interlocking simple shapes to create pattern
• Limit your main palette to black and white
• Negative space awareness
• Apply washes of transparent color
• Create dimension with highlights


Class Itinerary

Bonus Lesson – Smoothing a Canvas
Have you ever wanted to paint on canvas but have it be completely smooth? Alison demonstrates her method of leveling a a surface. This step is optional… if you don’t want to use canvas, you can paint on a gessoed board (panel box) with two coats of gesso, sanding between coats.


Lesson 1 – Drawing Exercise
Here we are creating a simple visual vocabulary and loosening up. Don’t think  about the rules of gravity, perspective, or actual size relationships (small house, large shoe). No need to think of  content or meaning, just allow the  images to free associate and become neighbors in the drawing.

Lesson 2 – Prepare the Canvas; Draw it Out
Paint canvas or panel box with black acrylic. Then you’ll draw your all-over pattern. Keeping shapes simple, think of the spaces between, the negative space, as shapes also. Explore size relationships and lack of gravity.

Lesson 3 – Paint the Pattern in White
Follow your drawing lines, painting not the lines but the shapes themselves, keeping the shapes simple. Allow for changes and new imagery. Explore creating and repeating shapes to allow your collection of images to become a bold and almost abstract pattern.

Lesson 4 – Apply the Washes
Apply three transparent color washes to add subtle color.

Lesson 5 – Highlights
Paint into the imagery, creating a sense of light, dimension and pattern. Think about dappled light, even in its randomness it creates a sense of light.

Lesson 6 – Finishing Touches & Varnish
Adding Final details and Varnishing the Painting using oil-based varnish.





For details and to sign up, click HERE!

Summer is “Over”


It’s getting busy!

Last week we had Alison O’Donoghue here to film her upcoming class (details soon!), and this week Lynn Whipple is here filming “Big Bold Blooms 2” — both wonderful to work with, and inspiring, too!

I woke up early this morning, anxious to create after watching Lynn create all day yesterday:


I also recently entered Lilla Rogers’ “Global Talent Search” contest… mostly for fun and the challenge (and with the hope of making the Top 50 finalists). Our assignment was to design a napkin, cup and saucer in our style, and incorporate at least one word in the design:



Unfortunately I didn’t make the Top 50, but you can see the finalists HERE (and congrats to all of you!).


A Few Recent Kid Drawings




I’ve been working on a series of drawings in this style as part of the year-long “Yellow” class — I’ve had the busiest summer, so I haven’t got as much done as I had hoped, but here are a few!

I also wanted to remind you that we are having a 20% off sale of all self-study classes to newsletter subscribers. Click HERE to subscribe and receive the code via email within 24 hours. Sale ends Sunday, August 21.