Registration Now Open for “Wordplay Painting” with Lynn Whipple!

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“Wordplay Painting”
with Lynn Whipple
Two-Week Class; 6 Video Lessons

Class Dates: September 15-26, 2015


Hello Hello!!!

A giant, warm welcome to Wordplay Painting.

I am so excited to share with you the many wonders of infusing our artwork with compelling, meaningful and irresistible words!

We will begin our class by finding and preparing a few used books and turning them into what will become our Art Books.

Think of your Art Books as small laboratories for exploration, inspiration and play. There we will use words as inspiration, as graphic elements, as lists, and as the subjects of small paintings and drawings. We will also work, much as a writer might, by considering things such as composition, editing (room for the eye to rest), titles, and character development.

We will explore through prompts poetry and personal handwriting as well as make one larger piece that will combine the techniques we have gathered along the way. Even our book covers will act as canvases!

I look forward to spending time with you and delving into the rich set of possibilities that we will find together when focusing on working with words in our work!

All my best!
with love, Lynn

You will create:
Word Paintings…


List Paintings…


Character Paintings…


… and more!

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I’m really looking forward to seeing this class in motion… it’s such a great class!
For more information, click HERE!

Registration Now Open for “Fingerpainting : Fingerpainting” with Carla Sonheim

Fingerpainting : Fingerprinting
A Three-Lesson, “Bite-Sized” Class with Carla Sonheim
Painting, Acrylics • $25
Class Dates: September 8-11, 20115


Fingerpaint like an adult!


One of the goals of all of our classes is to encourage you to find techniques, approaches and subject matter you ENJOY. And oftentimes this involves helping recover a more child-like, spontaneous approach to creating… and nothing says “kid” more than fingerpainting!

Join me for this fun exploration of flowers, figures and animals using the following three items: paper, acrylic paint, and your fingers!

One benefit to fingerpainting as an adult is you can bring your grown-up sensibilities to the process.

We’re going to have lots of fun with this one!



* * *

Your itinerary:

Lesson 1: Fields & Flowers
Fingerprint color fields and then flowers from life.
Tuesday, September 8th


Lesson 2: Figurepainting
Loose, expressive gesture drawings to warm up and then painting figures with your fingers!
Wednesday, September 9th


Lesson 3: Let’s Get Messy!
Start with a mess and end up with a messy (but wonderful) end result.
Friday, September 11th


* * *

Join this fun class today! Click HERE for more info.

For this class you will need one mixed-media sketchbook or 8 sheets of watercolor paper, acrylic paint, and a small piece of vine charcoal.

Lunch Hour Art!
This class is the first of our “Lunch Hour Art!” series of “bite-sized” classes. For more info, click below:



Images from My Phone


Happy Wednesday to all of you. Here are some images from my phone the past week…

Experiments in colored pencil:


A photo by Liam (age 3.5)…1balloon

Books from the library yesterday…1books

From a walk in Seattle…1flower

A flower purchased for filming yesterday…1pod

Just for fun…1scissors

And the tiniest star-like seedpod or something that I found on our kitchen counter…1seedpodI hope you are having a great day!

We’ve been busy, and have a wonderful lineup of classes coming up this fall. I can’t wait to reveal the first two on Monday!

Happy creating, everyone!

More Fingerpainting (Fingerprinting)


Here are a few more little acrylic “fingerprinting” studies I did a few weeks ago. I made rules for myself: Imaginary portraits using only acrylic paint using only my index finger (including my fingernail, if needed).fingerprint9-8

Here’s a detail:



I like the strangely ethnic costuming feel of the last two.


I like working with limited supplies sometimes… I think I like the challenge! And “rules” really help me for some reason, too… here are some statements by creatives throughout history that I love:

“The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees oneself of the chains that shackle the spirit.” — Igor Stravinsky

” Limit gives form to the limitless.” — Pythagoras

“The fewer limitations the artist imposes on his work, the less chance he has for artistic success.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitssyn

“The problem about art is not finding more freedom, it’s about finding obstacles.” — Richard Rogers

“Without firm limits there is no play.” — Rem Koohaas

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Fingerpainting for the “Document Life Project”


I’ve been fingerpainting lately!

I’m delighted to be the featured artist this week for Art to the 5th’s Document Life Project.


The prompt/challenge was “FACES, THE HUMAN FORM AND CHARACTERS”…



fingerpaint4I loved making these!

I used acrylic paint in a mixed-media sketchbook and my index finger as the brush.

Try it! It’s fun. :D

Thank you Art to the 5th!


P.S. I need to give credit to my friend Lynn Whipple for the finger-painting inspiration! It was part of her last lesson in Year of the Spark, the year-long online class we are teaching together. Thanks, Lynn!

Kids Art Week –


I wanted to give a mid-week report on the Kids Art Week!

We are so excited that so many people have signed up… over 3,400! Many parents from all over the world doing art with their kids each day… what could be better?

Today (Thursday) Lynn Whipple has everyone making faces in nature, and the above image shows the wonderful collaborative effort by the Thomas family from the U.K.

And below is a “Picasso Dog” by Jakey, 7 years old:


So cute!!

Jakey’s mom writes:

This week has been amazing for Jakey! He is a child who was passionate about maths, science and computer games but would never pick up a pencil and draw because he always said he couldn’t. In fact when I told him I had enrolled him for this art class he cried and begged me not to make him do it. I am a firm believer in giving things a go, so I held firm on my decision for him to make one part of his day about discovering new things….your first class about the Picasso Dogs got him hooked instantly (and led to him and me having a long discussion about Picasso’s paintings and how strange they looked) I was really shocked – I expected him to just do the class – I had never dared hope that he would adore the class and be left eagerly wanting more! This week he awaits each class with an enthusiasm that I never thought I would see. You managed to light a spark there! Thank you so much for inspiring him – and please pass on my sincerest thanks to Lynn and Diane….Kindest wishes Laura xxx


kidsartweekblog3 kidsartweekblog5

The above leaf print critters (Lynn’s Wednesday lesson) are also by Jakey.

This is just a few examples of the wonderful artwork we are seeing over at Facebook this week! If you haven’t signed up, you really should, just to see the Facebook feed!

Sign up here:

Or simply go to the Facebook group and ask to join the Kids Art Week group:

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Kids Art Week starts tomorrow!

dogfightDogfight, 2010.


Hello everyone!

It’s Sunday evening and I wanted to check in and remind you that the FREE online class, Kids Art Week, begins tomorrow! We will start with a Picasso Dog exercise (above is a “souped-up” version), and move on to five other fun lessons from Diane Culhane, Lynn Whipple and myself, one each day of the week (through Saturday).

Join 3,000 others (yay!) who have already joined in… click HERE to sign up and get the first lesson in your inbox first thing in the morning! It’s free!

Thank you everyone who has shared and signed up already!


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