Above is a photo of my younger sister, Kelly, and me when we were about 3 and 5 years old (I’m oldest). Today is Kelly’s birthday (42!).

It’s interesting about photographs. We look happy here, but sadly neither Kelly or I have happy memories of our childhoods together. There were a few rare moments (playing “Careers” together, for one), but for the most part we were either fighting or ignoring each other…

As we moved into our 30s we started talking to each other about our childhoods, mostly via the relatively new and non-threatening communication tool that is e-mail.

Kelly confessed how I had hurt her one time on a bus; I apologized (and meant it – I was horrified at my own behavior). I in turn confessed how she had hurt me about my dog; she apologized. A door was opened to an awkward but loving and respectful adult relationship. We grow closer every year.

Happy Birthday, Kelly. I love you!