Natalie is our cat and loves my “new” studio! New journals today….

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I wanted to explain my blogroll… there’s really no rhyme or reason, except that I “know” each person listed, even if it was a one-time e-mail correspondence. There will definitely be more to come! Claudine was one of my first teachers when I went to Artfest in 2002… I love the line quality of her illustrations. Jamie was also one of my first Artfest teachers, and has become a great friend. Her house series is fantastic! Jenny I have only met through e-mail, but I love her art!! (Plus, she lives just a few hours away, so I hope to meet her soon.) I met Judy last year at Artfest and got to know her better when she invited me to stay at her house during another conference. Judy’s blog is a must-read for me. Karine lives here in Salida and is a wonderful abstract and figurative painter. Read about her trip to Hong Kong right now on her blog!

Katherine is one of the most inspiring artists I “know.” I met Katie several years ago (again at Artfest) and love her “babushkas” (coined by me, not her!). Lisa and Misty are both talented collage artists and such nice women… Nina is a wonderful jeweler from North Carolina… I met Pam at Artfest just last year… Tara makes wonderful “outsider” art… Teesha needs no explanation… wonderful creative spirit, journal guru and Artfest organizer.

Finally, Wendy is my writer friend from my magazine days… we even collaborated on a book together. She’s living in Italy writing another book now. And Zacharias Club is the website of my son, Wes, who is only 11. He designed and built the website himself!