IMPORTANT NOTE: Today’s post is a total rip-off of Jamie Johnson’s post of a few days ago, but it’s such a good metaphor it bears repeating here…


Today I am “fighting” with my unruly teenagers. These would be several “almost-grown” paintings you see above.

Jamie’s post says it best, but honestly, this can be the most frustrating part of the painting process for me.

So much has been invested by this point, and when they start to become uncooperative, I bristle. Not only have I invested quite a bit of time and care (through the messy gesso/toddler period, for example), but I’ve also had a lot of high hopes for each of them. But like children, the higher hopes I have, the more pressure I put on them to be “the best mermaid painting I’ve ever done,” the more they fight, resist and rebel against me.

Obviously I need to “let them go”… let them be who and what they are (even if they’re not good enough for that poster company).