1. I did an Illustration Friday piece! See the full image here. (I woke up incredibly tired of my usual way of painting, so took the IF opportunity as an excuse to make these horses…)
  2. I found this inspiring artist during my “coffee drinking/blog meandering” time this morning. I especially like the bottom giraffe piece (scroll down).
  3. I’m feeling more chipper today, thank you!
  4. Wes told me that he wants “15% of the gross” on any mini journals I sell (for background, see this post). When I told him that that would be $1.50 each, he wanted 50%. When I told him to “forget it,” he quickly went back down to the original 15 … should I?!! (LOL)
  5. Steve and I share an office. He just said, “No more Mr. Nice Guy,” and turned up the music. (It’s too LOUD for me now, so I’m outta here.)