1. I just really like the sheep I painted yesterday. Plus, I got a lot of girl blocks started and I am happy with them as well. I truly didn’t care as much (since I felt so crappy), and the end result was better work!
  2. I think this girl’s blog is very funny (warning: she cusses and stuff!). For a good sampling, see the post titled “Wine” (scroll down a little bit).
  3. Last evening Steve came home just as Wes and I were going to talk “boy-girl” stuff. The subject of dancing came up, and the next thing we were all three dancing in the kitchen to some of Steve’s “spin class” music. It was truly one of those great family moments.
  4. Karin’s Style Blog.
  5. I realized last night I have only seven weeks to complete about 60 new works for Oklahoma City (an art festival the last week in April). Um…