While shopping with friends in Port Townsend, WA, I was admiring the above slippers. I decided to pass on them because I knew Steve would not like them. Not that I can’t be myself, but I decided the price tag was a little high for me to go home and be snickered at.

But my friend Cindi bought them for me secretly! Now this was PERFECT… I could have the slippers, but could tell Steve my crazy friend Cindi gave them to me as a gift.

Once home, I pulled them out of my suitcase and held them up to Steve. True to the script, his eyebrows raised. He seemed visibly relieved when I told him that Cindi had given them to me, and even said “cute”.

Postscript: I had them on this morning and was getting ready to drive Wes to school. Wes said, “You’re not going to wear those ridiculous shoes, are you?”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! His father’s son. Anyway, I love my new slippers.