Trees by Kim, Relief Prints


Heather by Kelly, Wrong-handed drawing

I taught a class titled “Voice Lessons” for the first time last week. I *think* it was a success — I thought so anyway! All of the women (I limited the class to just 12) were so talented and open and willing to try new things.

I start almost every class with a “wrong-handed” drawing. Each and every drawing is loose and flawed and wonderful. We then did writing and collage exercises, and then spent TIME talking about each collage, and what I saw or what the students saw in each that could tell the artist what they were most interested/passionate about.

Then came a whirlwind of activity: drawing exercises, painting with watercolors, a wire scuplture and a relief print. This was all before lunch, and I had each of them think about which media they would like to pursue further in the afternoon.

After lunch, I gave them their “assignments”. I also met with them one-on-one to discuss artwork they had brought to class, and tried to encourage them in a direction that I could see naturally emerging in the work they had completed that day, as well as in their older work.

I hope (hope, hope) that they each left that day with a clearer sense of direction and excitement about their own unique vision as artists.