1. Christer (19) came home last night from college. He’ll be here a few weeks and then he’s going to southern France for the summer…
  2. When I was 19 I spent six weeks in Indonesia… how I got to go on this trip is slightly embarrassing but I’ll tell you in case you get a smile out of it.
  3. I was on the tennis team in college and the #2 singles player was a girl from Indonesia. Once, during practice, she generously invited all of us to come and stay with her that summer… I was so excited, but didn’t show it. Could I possibly swing it? I went home, figured out the money, and the next day, said: “Justine, I can COME!”
  4. Poor Justine… she hadn’t really meant it!
  5. “Uh… I need to ask my parents.” I tried to backpeddle at that point, suddenly aware of my mistake, but she graciously stood by her invitation.
  6. (This story as much as anything else illustrates the kind of person I am – cheerful, impulsive, and a bit stupid…)