The most astonishing moment so far was when I was in the taxi from one hotel to another. About 3 minutes into the ride, the driver’s cell phone rang… and it was for ME!!! (It was the first hotel telling me that Steve had e-mailed them and wanted me to contact him right away.)

This is a place where electricity poles look like they have dreadlocks, the wires are so helter-skelter, and apparently there is no trash disposal system to speak of. But they were able to call me IN THE TAXI at a moment’s notice!

 I am loving India right now. It’s chaotic for sure, but an adventure and very fun for me. The taxi ride yesterday (to Old Delhi) was like being on a carnival ride/sauna combined! 

In some ways the children in the orphanages are the privileged ones… the facilities are well-funded and they are well taken care of… Christine Tiernan is working on setting up art-teaching gigs at the AIDS center here in Delhi and she already has worked with some children in the slums here… there really is just so much that can be done….

(Please forgive my writing/spelling/thinking as I post here…. I noticed I misspelled “tattoo” in my last post (fixed now)… usually I’m a bit out of my head by the time I sit down to write!) Thanks for all of the encouraging comments… they help me feel connected!!!