We’re having tea today at the orphanage to meet the nurses and I think the children, then we’ll start art classes tomorrow. I’m excited to finally get to this part!

Haridwar is a city located right on the holy river Ganga… we swam yesterday. Indians from all over come to Haridwar for this purpose.. it’s a pilgrimmage site. The river is wide and surprising cold and strong… I’m a good swimmer but had tremendous respect for the conditions and held onto a concrete post the entire time!

Physically I”m a bit under the weather the last two days – the usual – so am spending more time lying under the fan in the hotel room than actually out and about… I was so tired last night at 7pm that I fell asleep and didn’t wake until 8am!

Especially for Wendy: Steve was stressed from afar as to where I was going to go that night… he really just wanted to catch me before I left that particular hotel…