Today we started prayer flags with some of the younger children using muslin and markers and glitter paint. The hand was the main image on most of them… they are so beautiful. (The class was small tonight due to a dance contest, which of course was a lot of fun! These kids are great dancers!)

We have a new art teacher, a grad student from Santa Fe (David). Later in the lesson I pulled out some of my transfers to show him. One of the boys asked if he could take one over to where he was working. In a few minutes he had interpreted “Orange Girl” onto the muslin. He promply made a second, “Wood Fairy.” They are so sweet and special. He has given them to me, and I love them.

Today I got to visit some rescued elephants in the early morning. There were three… 70, 16, and 12 years old… the youngest had come (I think) because his mother got killed by a nearby train. I got to pet them and one took the cap off of my bottled water with its trunk… so fun.

Less than two weeks left… coming home July 1st.