All is well. The long delay is due to a four-day trip to Mussoorie, India (part of which was an overnight trip for the teenagers and I was one of the chaperones). The town is located on a mountain-top and we spent much of it in clouds. A monkey came into our room one morning, woke me up, stared me down, then stole a banana and hopped out the window.

When I returned to the Ashram/Orphanage something changed… the little ones now lean on me and take my hand and plop in my lap much more often. I am a sought after badminton partner. The older girls painted henna on my hands last night.

Art today were portraits of “Babaji,” the man who started the Ashram and is the children’s father figure. I have some photos that I can post in just a week!

Really my time is almost over. One more day with the children, then a day to travel to Delhi, and then fly home the next evening. A good trip.