Just a little!

We’re still on the road, in and out of hotel rooms and the car and friend’s homes… all good, but I long for my cat. Also, my e-mail isn’t working, further compounding the lost feeling. Also, I feel in a rut art-wise, and am aching to do something new and different, but find myself unable to “break free” of the usual… how does one think of things to paint, for example?

I’m listening to the new “Over the Rhine” album “The Trumpet Child.” I like it. (Go to www.overtherhine.com and click the record player box.) Wes is watching hotel television; Steve is racing.

Today I tried to get Wes (well, me, too) the new Harry Potter book but we couldn’t find a bookstore!!! Today’s only excursion!

If you need to contact me for any reason, try carlasonheim@yahoo.com.

Postnote: Katherine Dunn wrote a post about artist Ann Broadaway… a very wonderful painter…