Camera woes, general busy-ness…  it’s been so long! But here are a few more photos from the India trip. The above photo was taken during “play” night, where the older students performed plays they had written (based on fairy tales).

I can’t remember wearing white dresses like this as a child, but all of my “girls” are dressed in the same sleeveless white dresses; at the orphanage there was a little group of younger girls always wearing these dresses… how did I know?!!!


And here are two more portraits of “Babaji”. Christine had them draw with crayons from a photo first, then they brought the drawings to my “station” where we added a thin layer of watercolor paint. The crayon would resist the paint and “ball up” and  create the interesting textures you see above. It was kind of tricky at times… the kids wanted to paint them like a regular painting and I kept having to stop them before they felt “done” (and before the piece got overworked). They seemed a bit confused but in the end they got it!