I do like being busy! Busy but not too busy. (Rarely is the balance just right! This week it has been…)

This week I’m working on a bit of everything – online orders, wholesale orders, commission paintings, and the coloring book. (The coloring book is coming along. I’m trying to design one page a day, so that by the end of a month or so, I’ll have the body of the book finished… then, perhaps, since I’ll be so close to finishing it, I’ll be motivated to GET IT DONE by my late September deadline. I appreciate the accountability I have with you guys!)

Wes starts school tomorrow; Christer left for Oregon yesterday. The house will be mine again.

I am also working on trying to up some Christmas sale venues. I’m hoping to trek to Seattle for the I Heart Indie Holiday show November 24th….

You can see that very little of my time this week is painting. That’s okay, I’m avoiding it! I love this quote by Stephen DeStaebler:

“Artists don’t get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not working.”

This can be VERY true for me.