Today is my panic day. It happens two days before EVERY SINGLE TRIP. I mean it… two days before I leave the house my brain and body both kind of sieze up. Like I’m “shorting out.” And consequently, I get almost nothing accomplished on this day.

So, I’m writing a blog post. Ha ha. The above Blue Horse is a painting I’m bringing to Art & Soul next week… I get to stay with the fabulous Judy Wise… Steve is meeting me in Seattle later in the trip for a rare vacation alone together… plans for Wes are being made (and stressing me out)… the house, of course, is a total disaster… the weather is beautiful here in Colorado… kids are playing in the school playground just around the corner… trucks are driving by… I have an hour of sewing to complete and a cross-country race to leave for in a few minutes. The cat is sleeping. All the lights in the house are on and it’s the middle of the day. (AAAAHHHHHHHH!!)