I’ve been in a wonderful place creatively the past week. It’s a place that doesn’t come often enough for me. I’ve been giving myself time to just “mess around”, something I can’t let myself do very often (and, even now, it’s only about an hour a day. But an hour is all that I seem to need!).

I start the morning with coffee, a stack of blank index cards and a pencil. Then I let all kinds of drawings emerge… some from life (like my cat cleaning herself), but most from my head. (Elephants have been a main theme for some reason, probably from my India trip, though I’ve always loved elephants!!)

I have been making between 10-20 little drawings before I’m “done”. Then I choose one or two to recreate in watercolors. I have this “stack” of sketches and paintings – I like that they’re all stacked up like papers on my desk…

Here is a sample of a horse sketch and finish I did last week.

Here’s a bird completed yesterday!
POSTNOTE: The minute I posted this my “freedom” seemed to fly out the window. Isn’t creativity funny like that? So now I’m sewing India books, which I needed to do!!