No image to go with today’s post. Just a few thoughts on crying… • The other night Steve, Wes and I were in the kitchen making cookies and listening to Christmas music. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” kept playing, and Wes was just amazed at the line, “You better not cry….” Honestly, it didn’t even occur to him that crying was associated with being “bad” — apparently, in Wes’s world, if you cry there must be a pretty good reason for it. • Yesterday I cried all morning, on and off, for no apparent reason. Steve told me I must be about ready to start my period but I argued the point, sure that it was still two weeks away and that my life must be coming to an end because there I was, crying for “no reason.” (I was so relieved to start my period that afternoon (!) so that my irrational crying fits were explained a little bit.) • “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” As a child I heard this quite a lot, as most people of my generation did. It never made sense to me (I ALREADY had a reason to cry, didn’t I, since I was ALREADY crying?). But unfortunately it usually did the trick and I would stop crying, afraid of the consequences. • I want to be more like Wes. If I’m crying, I must need to cry right then. It doesn’t mean that I’m bad, or weak, or a total failure as an artist. …..right?!!! • Edit: For some reason paragraph returns aren’t working… excuse the run-on nature of my recent posts!