• Up and down lately, hormones, spring fever, whatever. I have felt a little like the little girl above… kind of confused and surprised that she is still here. Really? All will be well? Okay, I’ll believe you.
  • My days are focused primarily on building the body of work for the Oklahoma City show …just a month away… that is why you see so many new girls!
  • Usually this is the week that I’m packing and preparing to go to Artfest… I’ve attended this creativity conference for SIX years! (Three years as a student, three years as a teacher.) I will miss it!
  • Why am I not going? Honestly this: I wasn’t picked to teach this year, and funds are low enough that I couldn’t justify going…
  • Disappointments of this kind are part of every life, every career… it’s okay… though I cried at the time!
  • 2008 Artfesters: HAVE A GREAT RETREAT!!! See you next year!