Well, I’ve written a haiku about it!!

My brilliant idea –
“Soar — a girl with paper wings!”
Oh crap, it’s been done.


OMG!! I copied Judy Wise’s painting—could they be more alike?—but I swear it was unintentional. Imagine this scenario in my head when I started working on my painting:

Carla: “This is such a cute idea!
Carla: “I know!
Carla: “Where do you get such great ideas?!!”
Carla: “I don’t know! They just pop into my head!”


What happened is that I must have seen Judy’s piece at an earlier time. I neatly filed it away in my (apparently) amazing little brain. Efficient. Like a computer.

Except I forgot one little thing…. it wasn’t my original idea!

Of course I e-mailed Judy the minute I realized my mistake and apologized. Here is what she wrote back:

*smile* Don’t you know yet that all the artists are tuned into the same mental frequency? Your piece is nothing like mine; we are all flying more like on bubblegum than anything.

Dont be so hard on yourself. I probably got that idea from someone else myself. It’s all good.

Judy is the embodiment of grace.

We’ve always known that she is an amazing, generous human being and artist. This of course confirms it further.

(Thank you, Judy!)

Can you do me a favor? Can you run right over to her blog and leave a comment, somewhere along these lines?

Judy, you ROCK!!!!!!