“Oddities” (click to enlarge)

At the Art Nest retreat, three teachers taught three days to the same students, so that meant that I got to take both Stephanie Lee‘s Junk Drawer Metalsmithing and Alma Stoller‘s Tapestry Art Quilt classes. Both days were wonderful, as Stephanie and Alma were so gentle and helpful and created a perfect atmosphere for playing and learning.

In our shared room, Stephanie and I were totally captivated by Alma’s little fabric oddities, and couldn’t wait for her to demo them in her class. I made “Maurice,” the rabbit fur thingy on the far left (Stephanie had rabbit fur, and I did everything I could to make sure I sat by her during the class so I could use some!). The brightly colored bead I bought from Alma, and Steve pulled that one right out as his favorite when I showed him my growing collection (I’m obsessed). Steve’s second favorite was the beautiful orange worm one on bottom right — also not my creation, but Stephanie’s. Sigh!

I made a little bracelet in Stephanie’s class which I wear every day and love… I’m not a metalworker so soldering was a challenge (lots of burned up bits of sterling wire and melted fingertips), but again, a wonderful day.

All of us are next teaching at ArtUnraveled in August in Arizona. I’m already looking forward to seeing my new friends again!