I’m going to be teaching two classes at Artfest next year… I’m very excited! The first is “Junk Mail Artist’s Book”… I had so much fun working on mine and I know it will be a fun class. Here’s a few more pics:

I’m also teaching a watercolor/mixed media painting class titled “Imaginary Creatures”:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to streamline my career… right now I’m doing so many different kinds of things and none of them as well as I would like. One decision I’ve made for 2009 is to try to add to my teaching schedule and pull back on my galleries and outdoor shows… teaching has become a very rewarding part of my year and so I am feeling called to pursue that more.

Still, I will be limiting my teaching to no more than six events (since my husband also travels for work, I don’t want to be away from home so much). 2009 is already shaping up with Abigail’s Retreat in February (an Art & Soul event) and Artfest in March/April. Looking forward to a great year!