Find some photos (either through Google or your library) of some giraffes. Again, with Sharpie and paper, start drawing, but DO NOT look at your paper. Try to match the movement of your hand to match your eyes running along the contour outline of the giraffe.

Sometimes you might need to glance down at your paper to reset you pen to the right area… but don’t move the pen while looking at your paper! Think of it as Drawing Freeze Tag.

These will not be perfect drawings… they’re not supposed to be! They are exercises to get your hand and eye more “in sync” with each other. (BUT, some of my coolest drawings are blind contours or partial blind contours.)


What are “Assignments”? They are mini tutorials of drawing exercises I do myself. I hope you will try some of them… drawing is a blast!!!

Assignment #22 – Go to the Library

Assignment #56 – Draw Cats in Bed