(Sheep made in Alma’s class last month.)

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“Finding your voice, to me, means becoming comfortable with what is unique and authentic about you.” — Meg Guiseppi, from her blog, Executive Resume Branding

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I’m off on an adventure in just a few days… always the fun REALLY starts when you leave home and get in the car, don’t you think? (It’s the giving up stage…. “I’ve done all I can do”, “I’ve done my best”, etc.)

FRIDAY, 8/1: Drive to Santa Fe and set up for the Girls Inc. Art & Craft Show. Make a stop near Taos at noon to meet the fabulous Jenny Kostecki Shaw… how lucky am I?

SATURDAY/SUNDAY, 8/2 + 8/3: Meet me at the Plaza in Santa Fe (booth #98)!

MONDAY, 8/4: Drive to Phoenix, AZ for the Art Unraveled Retreat; begin to learn Hindi.

TUESDAY, 8/5: I will teach “Voice Lessons” today… I like the quote above. We will be talking about such things…

WEDNESDAY, 8/6: I will teach “Drawing Blast” in the evening… always a fun class!

THURSDAY/FRIDAY, 8/7 + 8/8: I’ll be exploring Phoenix… any suggestions?

SATURDAY, 8/9: All day Shopping Extravaganza at the Embassy Suites in Phoenix. I’ll have Girls (paintings and prints), journals, owls, elephants, purses, transfers and animal paintings!

SUNDAY, 8/10: Drive home to Salida. Master Hindi. (Just kidding!)