On Sunday I drove home to Colorado from Phoenix. These photos are taken just outside of Santa Fe, NM.

I promise I didn’t take my eyes off of the road as I snapped these…

… however, I did miss a turn and ended up going an hour and a half out of my way. Since it was already a 13-hour drive you can imagine how unhappy I was to have to backtrack!

Other news:

  1. Hurray, the Artfest 2009 Workshop schedule is up!
  2. Wes starts 8th grade next week… OMG!
  3. I’ve realized that I LOVE teaching… thank you to all who took my classes!
  4. I can’t wait to get back into studio mode… this will come after getting Wes back to school and a huge studio clean and garage sale. I need to CLEAR OUT in order to move forward! Do you?
  5. I’m glad to be back with my boys. And Natalie.
  6. Steve wondered aloud yesterday if cats are angry at us for trying to copy their fur by wearing clothing.
  7. This is the wonderful world I inhabit.
  8. New drawing assignment tomorrow!