A few weeks ago I received my contributor copy to LK Ludwig‘s new book, “True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling.” I’ve waited all this time before mentioning it here because I wanted to take the proper time to really read and spend time with the book before commenting. Well, last night I took the time, and “Wow!”

I really enjoyed this book. LK is a very clear thinker and writer and so many times I found myself saying, “YES!” to what she wrote… in addition, the book is full of journal pages from art journalers I admire so much, such as Mary Ann Moss, Katie Kendrick, Carol Parks, Bee Shay, Sarah Fishburn, Juliana Coles and so many more… here is “my” spread (delighted to be in the company of all of the above artists, thank you LK!!):

The interview with Katie especially really motivated me to get my journal out this morning! Hence, green dog!!