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I love the process of starting a painting not knowing what I’m going to paint… and just letting the piece “emerge” or “present itself” while I’m painting. That was the case with the cow-horse above (though I did have the word “creature” in my mind, which I’m sure informed the end result).

When I started messing around with paint 15 years ago this intuitive process was my primary method… more recently, specifically with my Girls series, I moved away from that approach, but missed it. So last year I started working on a new series of “Creatures” to get back to that intuitive way of painting that I started with.

A lot of the artists we all admire (Katie Kendrick, Jesse Reno, to name two) work this way.

Here is a detail of this cow-horse’s little face… I’m not sure if he’s quite finished, but I like how simple he is right now, so perhaps he is.

And, a recent page from my journal: