I’ve been asked to provide a step-by-step for the transfer painting technique from the previous post. Here you go!

What you will need today:

  • cereal box
  • brayer
  • white gesso
  • paper plate (or other flat surface for rolling out gesso)

1. Dig that cereal box out of the trash and cut it down to a manageable size.

2. Put a dab of white gesso on your paper plate and roll your brayer through the paint.

3. Apply the gesso by rolling your brayer across the cereal box.

4. Cover the entire cereal box, but vary your pressure as you roll your brayer, letting some color and details from the box show through.

5. Set aside to dry completely. (Note: wash your brayer right away. You don’t want the gesso to dry on it!)

That’s it for today! Tomorrow you will need:

  • watercolors
  • a larger brush (about 1/2″ or so)
  • a cotton rag or paper towel
  • clear acrylic spray