(Sorry! I meant to post this yesterday but actually FORGOT, until the moment my head hit my pillow. Then it was too late.

What you’ll need today:

  • Ink-jet transfer paper, cold peel (I use Avery T-Shirt Transfer Paper)
  • Photo, scanned into your computer
  • Iron
  • a sheet of parchment paper (or wax or tissue paper… something that you can iron on)

1. Scan your photo or artwork into your computer and size it to 8×10 or smaller… your choice! Go to your image settings and select “Flip Canvas Horizontal” in Photoshop (other applications, you’re on your own!).

2. Print your image onto the transfer paper. Decide where on your cereal box you would like to transfer your image.

3. Trim. Preheat your iron. I set mine on the highest cotton setting…

4. Place your cereal box down first, painted-side-up; your transfer image second, image-side-down, and the parchment paper on top.

5. Iron according to package instructions (though I usually double the amount of time they recommend, just to make sure it sticks). Let cool completely.

6. Remember it must be cooled COMPLETELY before you peel the paper off!

7. Finished!

Now you can frame it, cut it up and make journal covers, postcards or bookmarks, or give it away. I think that’s what I’ll do!

G I V E A W A Y ! ! !

If you would like me to send you this Cereal Box Transfer Painting, leave a comment by Tuesday, September 30th and I will pick a name randomly on Wednesday, October 1st.

UPDATE: The winner was picked! Thank you al for playing.