Life is good. I’m sitting in my son Christer’s new home… he and his wife have only lived at this apartment a week (I’m their first houseguest). It is beautiful… really cozy and beautifully decorated… they have it so much more together than I ever have! My daughter-in-law, Christi, just left for her finance class (they’re college seniors) and so I am alone for the first time in many days…

I’ve just finished teaching four classes at Art & Soul Portland and each and every class was wonderful… everyone created such beautiful artwork and seemed to have a good time… I’m blessed to do what I do.

“All is good. Wonderful things are happening.” My mantra lately!

But… my purse was stolen yesterday, either from the hotel restaurant or from the conference room I was teaching in. I mention it here because I need to let those of you who bought stuff from me know right away — everything was in the purse, including some of your own financial information, as I hadn’t cashed checks or run the cc’s yet… (I can’t remember who all of you were so I apologize for this very public posting… I just want you to be aware of this situation if, indeed, you happen to read this blog.)

I AM SO VERY SORRY FOR THIS. Please e-mail me if you are potentially exposed… again, I hardly know what to say except that I am so, so sorry.