(Photo: Early Morning Moon)


This is one of those posts where I spill my guts and might regret it later, but I am feeling that I want to share with you all anyway, so here goes! But let me say from the outset that I’m not blaming my situation on any place or anyone… it is most definitely due to choices I’ve made throughout my adult life, and I accept responsibility for those choices…

I am an expert at not having money. At least, that has been the case the past seven years since we moved to a small town in central Colorado with almost no economy, and where the cost of living (housing) was comparatively low but other things (food, gas, heat, etc.) more than made up for it. And, though we’ve struggled the entire seven years, this past year has by far been the “worst”, due to a sharp decline in my husband’s work.

So, this financial crisis hasn’t hit me as hard as some of you, because I’ve already been through the shock of suddenly not having all of my financial ducks in a row. Take heart! It’s really not so bad! It can even be kind of fun!

Most of us have had the experience of the power going out for an evening or a day. At first it’s uncomfortable and scary… how will I do my computer work? Cook the meal? Take my bath? Then, suddenly, there’s a shift. The candles come out. The games come out. The blankets come out. We have pb&j for dinner. Our normal life has been interrupted but (surprise!) it’s not so bad…

To continue the metaphor, even if the power is out for much longer, we as humans will adapt. No problem! The rules will just change a bit.

I try remember how blessed and rich I really am. I read once (and my facts here might not be totally straight) that if a family brings home $30,000 a year, they are still among the top 1% of wealthiest people IN ALL OF HISTORY. Isn’t that amazing?

There is stress in not having enough money. For sure. But I’m not sure that my stress is any greater than people I know who have a lot of money… as far as I can tell, they worry about their money as much or more than I do!

Like anyone, I’m kind of hoping that someday my ship will come in, and there will be lots of money on it. In the meantime, I’m living on a beautiful, lush, abundant, island that is my life, full of riches: humor, laughter, pancakes, children, cats, art, friends and money when I need it, just in the nick of time usually… and I am so grateful* for it.

(*Except when I’m not grateful, but those are “crazy” moments.)