This afternoon I clicked into a content and wonderful place emotionally that has eluded me for awhile. Before Weems I was frantic getting ready for the show and also finishing two large commissions for a Crisis Care Center in Oklahoma City (I’ll show those to you soon). Once I got home, I had several things on my plate that were stressing me out…

But they are gone now, and now I get to paint! I have three commissions lined up to complete by Christmas (one small, two large). The above platypus sketch is for the small piece.

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs. I found out that I didn’t get into The Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts show in 2009. This is a competitive show and I understand how the whole jurying thing works; still, it doesn’t feel great to get rejected. Plus, it was a terrific show for me financially and for the past three years my winters have been spent creating a body of work for this one show… now what am I going to do?!!

But yesterday I also had an hour-long conversation with a licensing agent, and I’m feeling so good today about how we are communicating and his understanding of my Girls and what I’m hoping to do with them.

A door shuts, a door opens.