Here is a photo of the entire project, which includes a fold-out “scene” for the girls to play in:


From the press release:

Opening reception: First Wednesday, February 5, 2009 5-7pm.

SALEM, ORE— During the month of February, the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery will be presenting “Inside-Out, Educating Without Boundaries” the 6th annual 100 Artists show. Participating artists received a book through the mail and were asked to use this as their starting point for their piece of art, with a completed maximum size of 8” x 8”. Friends of Pimpollo, this year’s non-profit organization that will benefit from the sales of these books, is dedicated to serving the needs of underprivileged youth and their families.


The book Mary Lou picked for me was titled: “—And Everything Nice: A Parents’ Guide to Bringing up Daughters.” So perfect considering my current body of work!

The book was published in 1957 and was filled with interesting advice unique to that generation … my mother’s generation, in fact, as I was born in 1963… and so it was interesting to read this book, knowing that these were the very paradigms my mother was following. I decided to keep the book in tact so that the next person can read it… perhaps she will find some similar comfort (oh! that’s why she did that!) and horror (the author begins one chapter thusly: “Little children—be they boys or girls—are instinctively cruel, even savage.” HARUUMPF!!!).

Anyway, I thank Mary Lou Zeek for having me participate again… I always have to miss the reception, but hopefully I can attend in 2010 when I’m living the northwest (hint hint, Universe). If you need more info, here’s the full press release (another participating artist’s blog), and when the show opens in Feburary 3rd you can be part of the fun by visiting the website and vote for your favorite…