Lately I’ve been drawing animals in my little sketchbook using mostly colored Sharpies (permanent markers) and some Copic markers. No black allowed!!


Now that I’m halfway into my little book (like a small Moleskin), I’m afraid to ruin it with a bad drawing, since most of them so far are okay. So every time I start, I remind myself that this is PRACTICE, dummy. Practice!!!

It’s interesting that I need to talk myself off the ledge every time I pick a pen up to draw. Or paint for that matter. I envy people who seemingly “just do it.” For me it’s a little mini war with myself, each and every time. One of my favorite art quotes comes out of the book “Art & Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland:

Artists don’t get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not working. —Stephen DeStaebler

and another from the same book:

Fear that your next work will fail is a normal, recurring and generally healthy part of the artmaking cycle.


Today is the day I’m going to finish that large commission that has been in my studio for months. NO excuses!!!

Have a great day, everyone.