1. I will teach you everything I know. It isn’t much, but I’ll teach it to ya.

2. You’ve wanted to take a class from me but for some reason never have. Now’s the time.

3. You’ve taken a class from me and want your March “Carla fix.”

4. Your fear of drawing will be conquered using only a Sharpie and some cover stock.

5. You will realize (maybe for the first time) that watercolor is forgiving.

6. It will be a small group — less than 10 — which means you will get lots and lots of attention.

7. I will bribe you with art. Each participant will receive an ORIGINAL 5″x7″ creature painting, a coloring book, and all the girls prints I have time to make for you (think gifts the rest of 2009).

8. Southern California weather looks pretty good to you right now.

9. You will learn how to make clouds from clouds.

10. On the third day I will perform a song and dance of my own creation. Probably a rap thing. I’m not sure.

* * * * * * * *

Hey! I know the economy sucks right now and none of us have any extra money… but if there is ANY WAY at all you can come, or have some money set aside for just such a getaway and are thinking to yourself that “this is the ticket,” please go here and sign up this week! Or, e-mail Carol right away at to discuss! xoxo