I’m fresh home from my trip to Virginia where I had a wonderful two days of teaching and didn’t take a single photo. I was so busy enjoying everyone’s work that I forgot… BOTH days!


On the way home I was feeling like I wanted to take my own advice and draw. I didn’t have a sketchbook with me but wanted to do SOMETHING… I folded some 8″x11″ pieces of cover stock into some little booklets, and this was the first thing that came out (above)… what to draw?!!


So I made a little scribble to get me started and the above little nonsense drawing came out.


Then I switched to some colored permanent markers (Sharpies) and Copic pens I had in my purse, and drew some of the people around me.


This couple sat right across from me at the gate…


These ladies were friends I think.


Two singles… maybe they’ll meet? (P.S. I included this spread even though I totally messed up on the lady’s chin and the mistake was hard to “fix” — just want to encourage you to keep drawing, even if you don’t get it right all the time!!)