“Sheepdog,” Sharpie, colored pencil, collage

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My only “hobby” is reading. I love good fiction! Recently I discovered José Saramago. Oh. My. Gosh. I love him.

Here are a few lines from the book, “All the Names.”

The devil isn’t necessarily lurking behind every door.

The mouth is an organ that is all the more trustworthy the more silent it is. (p236)

Besides, it was unfair to the poor boy, if he had orders not to say anything and he was carrying them out, he should be congratulated, not submitted to the various forms of emotional blackmail at which families excel. (p281)

Cipriano Algor is sixty four, he is past the age of childish sulking and has some way to go before he reaches the elderly equivalent. (p237)

Besides, not everything will necessarily happen tomorrow, some things will happen only the day after tomorrow. (p216)

While there’s life, we’re guaranteed hope. (p249)

My favorite book so far, though, is “The Cave.” More soon!