Good morning! It’s a beautiful day today… sunny, warm, and BLOSSOMING (which means I’m itchy, sneezing and achy — darn allergies — and can’t really go outside to enjoy it much!).

It’s fine, though. I’m happily getting into the routine of working on the drawing book, and working on the house, trying to get it ready to sell. A little drawing here, a little scraping there, a little packing here and there… that’s my life right now!!

But I am so grateful. I’ve had three wonderful teaching experiences this spring which have energized me so much! My husband is getting freelance work on a regular basis, so the pressure is off in that area. Wes is doing well and Christer graduates from Willamette University this weekend… Life is good!!

The above image is sort of a doodle I did this morning, thinking about my allergies and also the Picasso Dogs assignment that will go in the book… below was my first version, which I thought to be finished… then decided to add more (above version). I’m really enjoying recently purchased colored pencils… I can go right into the Play-Place with them!


Have a great day, everyone!!! Draw something, even if it’s just a silly one-legged dog thing.