Art & Soul Retreats has a new venue in February 2010… Las Vegas!! I am teaching two classes: Las Vegas Drawing Extravaganza and Junk Mail Artist’s Book. Here’s more on the new drawing class:

Are you afraid to draw? Have you been avoiding taking a drawing class, but are feeling a little niggling to add “line” to your mixed media work?

Then please join me today for a non-threatening intro to drawing. (Having taught kids for many years, I have developed exercises that are silly and serious, both. I’ve found that we all learn better when we are having FUN!)  Bring your walking shoes as we take advantage of the FAN-TAB-U-LOUS Las Vegas venue and begin the day drawing images on The Strip in your  sketchbooks/journals. I will guide you through a series of exploratory exercises that will get your hands and eyes to start working together. our goal.

Then we’ll go back to our room and continue the fun with a few more exercises and some drawing games and to get the ideas flowing. We’ll also talk about shading and color, and you will be introduced to several media you may not have tried before. 

Your main project will be will creating a Vegas-themed mixed media composition. While drawing will be the main feature, you will also be able to incorporate collage, paint, or any of your favorite media into this final piece.
This class is for all levels. beginners especially, but also more experienced draftsmen who want to lighten their drawing hand a bit.

I think it will be a hoot to draw Las Vegas, and hope you will consider joining us there! There are a lot of really cool classes, so check out the lineup (it’s supposed to go “live” today…)



Vegas, BABY!!!!!!