Note: I feel like I’ve wrecked the drawing already!!! I smeared the little dog’s face first thing… ugh… but decided to try and work with it… also, I didn’t mean for the dog and the pig to be the same size… also the tongue is flapping in the wrong direction…oh boy! Anyway, here is Darlene’s “smiling dog with flapping ears on wheels” suggestion implemented… including the SMILE…


And here’s the whole thing so far…


Time for Round 3! Post your suggestion for the next portion of the drawing on THIS post (one suggestion per round… winner to be picked Thursday at noon). Thanks!! (Original details of this Experiment here.)



And the winner is… #11, NatashaMay with the suggestion “orange.” So let me add orange to the piece, post it and we’ll start Round 4 — this time I will pick two winners!