We have had an unusually dramatic two weeks.

My husband Steve got into a cycling accident (during the last two laps of his bicycle race 10 days ago), and got a 4-inch gash to the bone on his elbow and lots of road rash. Ambulance ride, Emergency care, an hour with the surgeon, etc. He’s healing fast, though!

Then, Steve’s computer died. It’s at the Mac doctor now, and he has taken my laptop with him on a photography job (the reason I can’t load photos right now). But I have lots to share, since I’m actually DRAWING a lot more now that I don’t have my computer to distract me so much. Hmm.

The house hasn’t sold, and we are resigned to have Wes start school here in Salida rather than in Seattle. Wes is disappointed, but being such a trooper. Things don’t always happen as planned!

I hope you are well. Have a wonderful weekend. Summer is ending soon… always bittersweet. I’m rambling. Sorry!