Wes and I share a love for old office paper. Every few months we walk down to the thrift store specifically to see if they have any new gems. Last week we found at least four more designs to add to our drawing-paper stash.


I also found an old book on Japanese flower arranging… this drawing was inspired by one of the photos and made with a four-color ballpoint pen and white gel pen.


… and this Guinea pig from a pet book from the library…

Both of these drawings were made with “scribbling” in my thoughts… it is one of the assignments in the book (“Scribbly Drawings,” as opposed to “Scribble Drawings,” which is different), and was also assigned to the students in the drawing class last week, so I was inspired to come home and do it myself again. 

The guys are playing chess while I am hogging our one working computer. The good news: Steve’s broken computer may be under warranty, and fixable. Wouldn’t that be grand?!!