More Watercolor Transfers on fabric, this time with ballpoint pen added.


I MIGHT be getting over my fear of sketchbooks/art journals. In recent years I’ve started so many journals only to abandon them the minute I ruin a page. More recently I couldn’t work in books at all, I was so blocked. (This was sad for me because I started out 15 years ago making artist books, and so I really do love the book format!)

My solution was to draw on single sheets of 8.5″x11″ cover stock, or 5″x7″ sheets of Fabriano watercolor paper (140#, hot press).  However recently I thought I’d try again, and bought a 9″x12″ spiral bound blank book with watercolor-like paper in it.

It’s working! Somehow, the fact that I can rip out a page if needed (since it’s spiral bound) has freed me up a lot. I’m actually drawing in a book again. Wow!

The above dog is a re-worked “one-liner.”