“Fighting Fish (They’re Married)”
watercolor, collage and ink on paper.

Once I do a piece I like, I tend to do several more in the same vein… color palette, subject matter, etc. Just exploring the media, seeing where it goes, seeing if I can actually duplicate the feeling or mood of the original, or perhaps a new series will be born. I don’t know if I will do more after this or stop here… we’ll see! 


I’m not sure if I’m finished with this flower one yet. 

I should also confess that I have three or four more watercolor starts on my table that I’m “afraid” to draw on with the ink. For whatever reason I am blocked about them… I’ll push through. I will.

I’ve also realized lately that almost all the artwork I make is very small and essentially studies for larger paintings (paintings that I never get around to doing). Perhaps when I move to Seattle I will have a studio that feels “bigger”, and I’ll do bigger work. Maybe!