This morning there was a deer in our backyard. It was lying down behind our deck, and all I could see from my studio window was its head popping up. I decided to try and draw it. These are the first two drawings:


Awkward. I was “greedy” at first to get a “good” drawing of a deer. I might also have been slightly rushed, as I was afraid it would move at any moment. 


I started to slow down and relax into the process…


A definite “shift” occurred around this time… instead of trying to draw a great dear, I just tried to record my impressions of the image before me… just trying to “play” with the conte crayon.


Ironically, when I started not to care as much, that’s when the good stuff started happening.

My friend Karine wrote a wonderful post today about this very thing… go here to check it out!


And I’ll leave you with this quick gesture drawing of the deer going to the bathroom in Tom’s yard! (Tom is my 90-year-old neighbor). Ha!