That’s Wes up there, the face you can see. Photo taken by my husband at League a few weeks ago… they won! Last week the Salida Spartans also won STATE (cross country, 3A)… even though Wes didn’t run in that event, he was there, cheering on his teammates and proud to be part of a winning team. 

We were disappointed last summer when our house didn’t sell in time for us to move at the beginning of the school year, but good things resulted nevertheless… the best being that Wes got to be part of this wonderful team for a season. We will miss them!

Our remaining time in Salida will go quickly. I am busy tying up business loose ends before Thanksgiving, then will be away for two weeks (one week in Philly; one in Seattle to look for a house to rent). Then, whirlwind packing and Christmas and a cross-country drive somewhere in there… We are excited and happy… and grateful.

One change we are planning to make in Seattle is to rent a studio space downtown, rather than work from home. Working from home has its advantages, but can be isolating. I’m looking forward to being around people again!

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