Here is a detail from another Drawing Lab book illo… can’t show EVERYTHING, or it wouldn’t be a surprise!

How are you today? I am busy and happy. After we sold our house, we waited for the “oh no” or the “oh crap” feelings… would we feel we had made a mistake? So far, no; we are just relieved and excited for the change. We feel charmed, even. 

This has been an interesting year. My artwork output has not been consistent at all… partly due to the book and partly due to the impending move… and I’m feeling like I am really ready to concentrate on a new body of work in 2010! This goal will get a little start in less than two weeks time as I travel to Philadelphia for my first artist residency at the Philadelphia Art Hotel. I’m planning to try and take my creatures series BIG!

What do you have in store for 2010?