Happy Wednesday!

Above are some images from the 159 I’ve uploaded/scanned from the Philly trip… more to come!

My re-entry home has been good, except for an Almost Fight with Steve yesterday. We were going to the gym, and he was lending me his ipod… I thought he had it with him when I got into the car, but he said it was “on the couch.” So I looked and looked all over the couch (which, unfortunately, is piled high with jackets, papers, keys, phones and other stuff), but no ipod.

I came back to the car empty-handed.

He sighed loudly, opened the car door and came back 15 seconds later with his ipod in his hands.

“Where was it?” I demanded.

“On the counter.”


Then, “There’s a big difference between ‘couch’ and ‘counter,’ ” I said. “One ends with ‘c-h’ and the other ends with ‘n-t-e-r.’ ”

He kind of, sort of, laughed. 

I kind of, sort of, laughed, too.

Fight averted.

(This is what happens after 18 years of marriage!!)